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This World is Not My Home


One huge way God has used the tragic loss of our daughter for good (Romans 8:28) is the longing I now have in my heart for my eternal home. Looking back prior to seven years ago, I definitely knew I was going to heaven and desired to go there…eventually. If I’m being honest, there were things I wanted to do here first. Some of those desires were to get married and become a mom. God allowed me to do those things, and I’m so grateful. But God also allowed me to have to lie beside my first-born as she slipped into eternity without me. In that moment, I learned that nothing here is worth desiring over the joy and peace I will have when I meet my savior face to face.

When I think about the very brief span of time my earthly life will occupy in the scope of eternity, I realize my perspective must not be temporal. Of course, I often forget and let myself worry about things that really won’t matter in 20 years…thank goodness for grace.

I recently read a book that really helped me in my understanding of biblical truths about heaven. To many Christians, this world honestly probably does seem more appealing because we have the idea that we’re just going to float around in the clouds or be subjected to a truly never-ending church service (while wearing white robes, of course!).

The book The Real Heaven: What the Bible Actually Says by Chip Ingram totally dispels the myth that heaven will be boring or seem like some foggy, white movie set. Of course, we all know about the streets of gold and the no more tears thing, but he really leads his readers to scripture that shows how wonderful it will truly be. The author uses several pieces of information from Randy Alcorn’s book Heaven– it’s one I would highly recommend also.

There are many things we won’t comprehend until we get there, but I find so much comfort in having a greater understanding of where I’m going one day. This knowledge encourages and challenges me to live my life with an eternal perspective. Even so, come Lord Jesus.

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One thought on “This World is Not My Home

  • Cathy Miller says:

    Thank you once again for sharing your heart, wisdom and a new resource to read – blessings to you always !