A Weeping Christian: When Faith and Grief Collide

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When You Don’t Get Your Happy Ending

This morning, I was blessed to hear one of the most honest, encouraging messages of my life- no exaggeration. Now, I will admit to inwardly cringing when it became apparent the focus would be Romans 8:28. I have wrestled a lot with this particular verse, and many times I’ve heard it used in a trite, […]

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Still Standing

  I was so blessed to be a part of this moment in person on a recent Saturday evening. Travis Cottrell held what was billed as a night of worship here in NW Arkansas, and it more than lived up to its title. I have a lot of “Travis favorites”, but I was hopeful he […]

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The Agony and Hope of Knowing

Tonight, our family spent some time reading about Jesus’ time in the Garden of Gethsemane. Ever since, my mind’s eye cannot seem to leave the image of Jesus there, face on the ground, talking to his father as he endured the agony of knowing what was coming soon. Although it can’t even remotely compare, I […]

Happy 13th

Sweet Hannah Grace… there are so many things I don’t understand about Heaven and what you are able to see and know right now. I know it sounds difficult for you to be able to be aware of some beautiful things here without knowing the bad too, but I also know nothing is too difficult […]

Hearts 4 Hannah Year 8!

It’s that time of year again…this sweet baby would have turned 12 on Feb. 15th. If you would like to help honor Hannah Grace’s life and memory, here are some ways you can get involved. 1) Hearts 4 Hannah annual blood drive- this will be held on Monday, Feb. 13th from 2-7 at Lowell City […]

This World is Not My Home

One huge way God has used the tragic loss of our daughter for good (Romans 8:28) is the longing I now have in my heart for my eternal home. Looking back prior to seven years ago, I definitely knew I was going to heaven and desired to go there…eventually. If I’m being honest, there were things […]

When You Have to Let Go

This morning in our church’s life group, we read the account of Abraham being told to take his son Isaac and offer him as a sacrifice. This story has always caused me some angst; I vividly remember learning about this as a child and wondering how Isaac must have felt watching his father lift up […]

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Hope Springs Eternal

Hope… such a little word for such a huge concept. This life can just leave us feeling as though it is one always going to be one long, dark winter-dry, gray, bare, and bitter. But then, we catch a tiny glimpse of spring with its new life appearing. I notice the tree in our front yard with tiny […]

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The Birthday Girl

Eleven years ago at this very moment, I had been a mom for a whole 7 hours or so. I will never forget the first time I saw you- especially the head full of dark hair you had. I was overwhelmed with both incredible love and fear. I didn’t really know if I had what […]

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Final Hours

On this day six years ago, we knew we were most likely spending our final hours here on earth with our daughter. Even now, there are times when I still don’t quite believe it happened, but there’s always a harsh return to reality. I remember being so frightened- almost to the point of not being able […]

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