A Weeping Christian: When Faith and Grief Collide

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Five Years

Five years ago tonight, we were living through the longest hours of our lives. Our daughter- our sassy little warrior princess- was slowly getting closer to slipping into eternity. I really can’t describe what it’s like to watch as a doctor removes a breath-giving tube from your child’s throat…knowing that it most likely means the […]

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Cemetery Decor…Seriously?

I have the hardest time, and I do mean hardest, figuring out what to take to Hannah Grace’s marker. It’s kind of like what we discovered during the funeral planning- funerals are meant for those who have lived nice, long lives. They had to special order a casket… the guest books were all for older […]


Christmas and Heaven

Does anyone else love “Charlie Brown’s Christmas”? This year, I decided to try and do the Advent thing with Caleb. Tonight, we lit our candles, and instead of reading scripture or one of our Christmas books, we watched that classic cartoon. I can definitely identify with poor Charlie and how he feels depressed at what […]



This morning at church, I had the privilege of singing in our choir for part 1 of our Christmas program (we are trying something different- instead of a traditional one shot Christmas cantata, we are doing ours on Sun. mornings over the course of three weeks- FBC Rogers, 9 and 10:15 am… but I digress). […]



So, I’m really having to dig deep for this post… because honestly today I’m not on a thankful high. Therefore, this is one of those I-have-to-go-with-what-I-know-not-what-I-feel days. Here goes… 3 years ago today, here’s what I wrote on our caring bridge site: I kept thinking about David and how you can really feel his despair […]

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3 and 5 equals joyful grief

I’m sure the title of this post makes sense to no one but me, but that’s really ok. Hopefully I can explain it where it makes a bit of sense (even a teeny, tiny bit) to anyone who may stumble across it. The 3 part of that equation represents the 3rd fall that we are […]