A Weeping Christian: When Faith and Grief Collide

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What has quickly become one of my favorite songs…“Forever” by Kari Jobe “The moon and starts they wept, the morning sun was dead, the savior of the world was fallen…his body on the cross, his blood poured out for us, the weight of every curse was broken.” Imagine what his followers must have felt like […]

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Happy birthday, Hannah Grace

Our sweet Hannah Grace… Today, you would have been nine years old- you would have had 3, 285 days on this earth. Instead, you had four years, nine months, and twenty-three days here with us. Before you were even a glimmer in my eye, God knew that those four years, nine months, and twenty-three days […]

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A Faithful Friend

The Christmas of 2000 was quite the mixed bag. This Christmas found us as newlyweds- poor, still-in-college newlyweds but happy just to be spending our first Christmas as husband and wife. I got the bright idea to get my mom a dog as her Christmas gift; she had been talking about getting one, and had […]



      On this icy winter-like day, the concept of finality has diametrically opposed meanings in my heart. Just four short days ago, when the temperature was sitting at a pleasant 65 degrees, we swore to tell the truth- so help us God. And truth telling we did- we answered that we have a […]


Reflect (5 Minute Friday)

You can find more info about 5 Minute Fridays over at http://lisajobaker.com/five-minute-friday/. You see the prompt…set your timer for five minutes…write. No pressure to say it perfectly- which is exactly what I need sometimes.   Go December 6. As I reflect on that date, a million emotions flood my soul. That’s not the date most people […]


My Heart Turns Violently

                              As I rocked my precious baby girl tonight, I sang with a voice broken by thick tears. The same song I began singing almost nine years ago to another precious baby girl. The song I last sang as that precious girl […]


She (5 Minute Friday)

She was my firstborn…my experiment with motherhood. She is my number 3…my experiment with seeing if I remember what to do with a teeny tiny little person. She made me wonder what in the world I was doing having a baby at 25- would I have what it takes to be a good momma? She […]

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September Comes Every Year

September always comes in with a hurried pace; school has started a few weeks before, and we have the annual adjustment of returning back to real life after the long days of summer. This year, September came in on an even faster whirlwind fueled by a new job and new school for me and a […]



I’ve had all the cliché thoughts. How can my baby be old enough to go to kindergarten? Where did the time go? Before I know it he will be going to college. However many phrases such as these pop into my mind and out of my mouth, in my soul I know that I do not […]

Broken (5 Minute Friday)

Broken. In Christian culture this seems to be one of those in vogue words lately- we talk about being broken before God…coming to him in brokenness…how we can’t really live out his will until we are broken in some ways. I agree with all of the above. But when I think about being broken, it’s […]


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