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God-sized dreaming

Extreme desk makeover…

Ok, so it’s not really that extreme, but with this being my first-ever attempt at making over a piece of furniture it feels pretty big! My post a few weeks ago detailed my plans to make my very own writing space as one of my baby steps toward writing. I wanted a desk that would […]

It’s hard to God-size dream on your own…

This past week, our God-size dreamer group worked on finding “buddies” among ourselves. I have been super blessed to be able to pray for Delonna (www.chickflickdiva.com) as she works on behalf of children (amazingly she understands how hard it is to adopt through a state system). I have also be just as blessed to get […]

A baby step is better than no step at all…

So, as you may recall, my last post found me with an empty wall just waiting for the right desk to come along. You may not know this about me, but once I get some certain something in my head, I don’t rest until I find it. And not just anything will do- it has […]

An Empty Wall

May I present my empty wall (well, it has a little bench there right now, but it used to have a huge chest… so it’s empty, relatively speaking)… You may be wondering if I have finally lost my ever-lovin’ mind… and some days I feel like that’s not too far from the truth. However, this […]

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