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The Birthday Girl

Eleven years ago at this very moment, I had been a mom for a whole 7 hours or so. I will never forget the first time I saw you- especially the head full of dark hair you had. I was overwhelmed with both incredible love and fear. I didn’t really know if I had what […]

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A Decade and a Day

One decade ago, almost exactly at this minute, I was finally delivering my first-born- a baby girl who was stubborn from the beginning. She was due on February 11th, but as we would later find out, she did things when she was good and ready. One day five years ago, I held my first-born as […]

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Let Your Light Shine Before Others (Hearts 4 Hannah Year 6)

Hannah's last birthday

On February 15, our Hannah Grace would have been 10 years old. Ten.years.old. It’s just unimaginable really. Our lives could be so different- two school-aged kids, more after school activities and homework, fitting in with a different peer group because of the season of life we would be in, not having a little one in […]

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When a day is full of joy and pain…

*Disclaimer- this was originally intended for last Sunday, but my blog wasn’t cooperating with me. Probably in protest of me ignoring it for so long.     Our beautiful girl has now been on this earth for one whole year. In the blur of sleep-deprived nights, job changes, and just the busyness of life, it […]

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Happy birthday, Hannah Grace

Our sweet Hannah Grace… Today, you would have been nine years old- you would have had 3, 285 days on this earth. Instead, you had four years, nine months, and twenty-three days here with us. Before you were even a glimmer in my eye, God knew that those four years, nine months, and twenty-three days […]

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Hearts for Hannah #5

    Our sweet Hannah would have been 9 years old on February 15th. So very hard to wrap my mind around. I often wonder what she would look like…how her personality may or may not have changed…how she would have loved school…how very different life would be. For those of you who may have […]


It’s that time again… Hearts 4 Hannah launch!

Dear friends… If you have been with us on this journey for awhile, you may remember that February 15th was Hannah Grace’s birthday. She will have been EIGHT this year… I really can’t even wrap my mind around that. It makes me so sad and yet so full of joy that we can honor her […]