A Weeping Christian: When Faith and Grief Collide

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When a day is full of joy and pain…

*Disclaimer- this was originally intended for last Sunday, but my blog wasn’t cooperating with me. Probably in protest of me ignoring it for so long.     Our beautiful girl has now been on this earth for one whole year. In the blur of sleep-deprived nights, job changes, and just the busyness of life, it […]

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A Year of Hard Dreams

2013 saw me following Holley Gerth’s vision for God-sized dreaming. I didn’t do it perfectly…in fact, not even close. I had to cling to one of God’s most beautiful attributes- forgiveness. He forgives and lets us keep trying though we don’t deserve such grace and mercy. When I began the process of really discovering, accepting, […]

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      On this icy winter-like day, the concept of finality has diametrically opposed meanings in my heart. Just four short days ago, when the temperature was sitting at a pleasant 65 degrees, we swore to tell the truth- so help us God. And truth telling we did- we answered that we have a […]


My Heart Turns Violently

                              As I rocked my precious baby girl tonight, I sang with a voice broken by thick tears. The same song I began singing almost nine years ago to another precious baby girl. The song I last sang as that precious girl […]


She (5 Minute Friday)

She was my firstborn…my experiment with motherhood. She is my number 3…my experiment with seeing if I remember what to do with a teeny tiny little person. She made me wonder what in the world I was doing having a baby at 25- would I have what it takes to be a good momma? She […]

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September Comes Every Year

September always comes in with a hurried pace; school has started a few weeks before, and we have the annual adjustment of returning back to real life after the long days of summer. This year, September came in on an even faster whirlwind fueled by a new job and new school for me and a […]


In Between (5 Minute Friday)

Another 5 Minute Friday…just a day late. And I’m not feeling guilty or apologizing that I didn’t do this yesterday. In Between I’m really not a fan of being in between. On the cusp. In no-man’s land. I don’t feel comfortable or in control there. But I have learned that God will always bring me […]

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Broken hearts

I find myself with swollen, red eyes this morning unlike any I’ve had since the aftermath of saying goodbye to our precious Hannah Grace.We have moved from the mountaintop to the valley…back to the mountaintop…and now we find ourselves in whatever would be even lower than the valley. We got a call around 5 yesterday…in the middle […]


Unlikely Inspiration

A man, although initially insecure and hesitant, accepted God’s call on his life.He faithfully relayed the message God had given him… even when it wasn’t a message that people wanted to hear. Even when no one seemed to listen. Even when he wished he had never been born. He spent 50 years or so following God’s […]

Clarity and prayer… things we need

Good morning, 2013. I fervently hope that this year is kind to you; if that is not the case for whatever reason, I hope for joy and contentment to be present and visible in spite of that.  I definitely would say (and hope that I’m right) that I have not become pessimistic about life as […]

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