A Weeping Christian: When Faith and Grief Collide

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A Decade and a Day

One decade ago, almost exactly at this minute, I was finally delivering my first-born- a baby girl who was stubborn from the beginning. She was due on February 11th, but as we would later find out, she did things when she was good and ready. One day five years ago, I held my first-born as […]

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Let Your Light Shine Before Others (Hearts 4 Hannah Year 6)

Hannah's last birthday

On February 15, our Hannah Grace would have been 10 years old. Ten.years.old. It’s just unimaginable really. Our lives could be so different- two school-aged kids, more after school activities and homework, fitting in with a different peer group because of the season of life we would be in, not having a little one in […]

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Five Years

Five years ago tonight, we were living through the longest hours of our lives. Our daughter- our sassy little warrior princess- was slowly getting closer to slipping into eternity. I really can’t describe what it’s like to watch as a doctor removes a breath-giving tube from your child’s throat…knowing that it most likely means the […]

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The Sting of Death

“In a moment, in the twinkling of any eye… death is swallowed up in victory. O death, where is your victory? O death, where is your sting?”. I Corinthians 15:52, 54-55 We all have verses that are especially close to our hearts. I really hold tightly to those God-breathed words that remind me this isn’t […]

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When a day is full of joy and pain…

*Disclaimer- this was originally intended for last Sunday, but my blog wasn’t cooperating with me. Probably in protest of me ignoring it for so long.     Our beautiful girl has now been on this earth for one whole year. In the blur of sleep-deprived nights, job changes, and just the busyness of life, it […]

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It is Well

  Almost 4 1/2 years ago, I sat in a pew with my husband’s arm locked tightly around me. I still could not quite believe I was looking at a child-sized casket… and stranger still the knowledge that it held my precious child. The memories of that day are somewhat hazy, but I know I […]

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Mess (5 Minute Friday)

  This day, like so many others, is full of messiness. I noticed it as soon as I finally talked myself into beginning the journey from the bed to the shower. A project I started a week ago- the bi-annual switching to the next season’s clothes- still not completed as evidenced by the big, plastic […]

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What has quickly become one of my favorite songs…“Forever” by Kari Jobe “The moon and starts they wept, the morning sun was dead, the savior of the world was fallen…his body on the cross, his blood poured out for us, the weight of every curse was broken.” Imagine what his followers must have felt like […]

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Writer (5 minute Friday)


Writer. I have trouble attaching that moniker to myself. I suppose I might if I could somehow devote regular time to writing, but I can’t seem to make that happen in this season of my life. And then I read about how, if you have a story to tell (and doesn’t everyone really?), and you […]

When God Intervenes…and When He Doesn’t

Several weeks ago, I wrote about a day that saw me wallowing in defeat…over insurance coverage being denied (see the post The Wilting Fighter). The root of my discouragement wasn’t insurance or even the unexpected bills that would be coming our way. The darkness came from wondering- because, sometimes to my detriment, I am a queen of […]

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