A Weeping Christian: When Faith and Grief Collide

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When God Intervenes…and When He Doesn’t

Several weeks ago, I wrote about a day that saw me wallowing in defeat…over insurance coverage being denied (see the post The Wilting Fighter). The root of my discouragement wasn’t insurance or even the unexpected bills that would be coming our way. The darkness came from wondering- because, sometimes to my detriment, I am a queen of […]

Hearts for Hannah #5

    Our sweet Hannah would have been 9 years old on February 15th. So very hard to wrap my mind around. I often wonder what she would look like…how her personality may or may not have changed…how she would have loved school…how very different life would be. For those of you who may have […]


Never say never…

“Dear God, pwease bless us with a baby…if you want to.” Caleb- June 10, 2013 Hearing those sweet words from my very own son’s lips as I laid beside him that June night- I wanted to cry just from the sheer weight of it all. Caleb has been convinced the last several weeks that he is going to […]


The words that are about to follow are some of the biggest, scariest I have ever written… and that’s saying something considering some of the things I have wrestled with over the last few years. I’m going to backtrack here for a moment… when James and I were facing the decision about whether to remove […]

Desperately Needy

Aren’t we all in some way… desperately needy, I mean. God has been using some things lately to teach me about need. I know that different people struggle with different kinds of needs… some yearn for financial security, many want close relationships, some want to be wives/mothers/husbands/fathers/grandparents (fill in the blank) so badly they can’t […]

Mother’s Day

Another Mother’s Day here and (almost) gone… I never noticed until the last few years how many people tell you “Happy Mother’s Day” when they have no idea if you’re a mother or not. By people, I mean random strangers such as clerks in stores, waiters/waitresses, etc. I can only imagine what that must feel […]

EOA Children’s House

Here are a few pictures of our collection of items we took to the EOA Children’s House in memory and honor of our sweet pea. Thanks again to those of you who were able to help and to the EAST students of Sonora Elementary for organizing a drive to collect items. The back of the […]

An Easter Miracle Moment

As Easter has approached, I have found myself yet again contemplating what that day means to me. It means sacrifice… redemption… hope… eternity… joy…. which are things I hope I never again take for granted.Easter also means now doing an Easter basket for just one child… dyeing eggs without Hannah Grace… seeing all the little […]

Touch Points

The front and back of Hannah’s monument We (finally) have a monument for our sweet Hannah Grace. This might seem weird to some, but I just never got in a big hurry to get this done. I’m sure it’s partly because this is more tangible evidence that I will never see her again until I […]

One more thing…

I neglected to mention one other important part of Hearts 4 Hannah… some sweet friends have organized the 3rd annual blood drive. As you may now, Hannah received many blood and platelet transfusions. This year’s drive will be on Thursday, February 16 at the Lowell city hall from 2-7. Please join us and donate if […]

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