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Five Minute Fridays

Mess (5 Minute Friday)

  This day, like so many others, is full of messiness. I noticed it as soon as I finally talked myself into beginning the journey from the bed to the shower. A project I started a week ago- the bi-annual switching to the next season’s clothes- still not completed as evidenced by the big, plastic […]

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Writer (5 minute Friday)


Writer. I have trouble attaching that moniker to myself. I suppose I might if I could somehow devote regular time to writing, but I can’t seem to make that happen in this season of my life. And then I read about how, if you have a story to tell (and doesn’t everyone really?), and you […]

Reflect (5 Minute Friday)

You can find more info about 5 Minute Fridays over at http://lisajobaker.com/five-minute-friday/. You see the prompt…set your timer for five minutes…write. No pressure to say it perfectly- which is exactly what I need sometimes.   Go December 6. As I reflect on that date, a million emotions flood my soul. That’s not the date most people […]


She (5 Minute Friday)

She was my firstborn…my experiment with motherhood. She is my number 3…my experiment with seeing if I remember what to do with a teeny tiny little person. She made me wonder what in the world I was doing having a baby at 25- would I have what it takes to be a good momma? She […]

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Broken (5 Minute Friday)

Broken. In Christian culture this seems to be one of those in vogue words lately- we talk about being broken before God…coming to him in brokenness…how we can’t really live out his will until we are broken in some ways. I agree with all of the above. But when I think about being broken, it’s […]


In Between (5 Minute Friday)

Another 5 Minute Friday…just a day late. And I’m not feeling guilty or apologizing that I didn’t do this yesterday. In Between I’m really not a fan of being in between. On the cusp. In no-man’s land. I don’t feel comfortable or in control there. But I have learned that God will always bring me […]

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Imagine (5 Minute Friday)

Imagine Sometimes I imagine how different my life would be if my dreams of 10 years ago were reality. I would be married to my first love…teaching kindergarten at the same school at which I started…with two kids (a boy and a girl) who were around two years apart in age…these were the things I […]



From Five Minute Friday Comfort As Mother’s Day approaches, I think of the comfort I’ve found in my mom. This comfort may not be like that of many other mothers and daughters. I find comfort in seeing survival right in front of me in human flesh. My mom has not had an easy path to […]


Another 5 Minute Friday post… Brave Brave is saying yes when you really, really, REALLY want to say no. Especially when your heart has been broken by saying yes.   When a heart has been completely shattered and carefully mended by God more than once, it can become so easy to guard it…hide it…seal it. But that […]


Five Minute Friday: Friends

I decided to try my hand at five minute Fridays…if you visit Lisa-Jo Baker’s site (you can subscribe via e-mail), you will see that she posts a topic every Friday and encourages all the writers out there to simply write for five minutes. No big planning…no obsession over just the right word choice…no editing…just writing. Some […]