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Beauty Abounds {Hearts 4 Hannah Recap}

As the lyrics to one of my favorite songs often remind me, He makes beautiful things out of the dust. Even when, to our finite human minds and hearts, it appears certain that only ugliness and pain can possibly result. I’ve decided that the more unlikely it seems that any beauty could exist is a greater opportunity for God to demonstrate his faithfulness and goodness. One way he has accomplished this for me is through people like you- people who still remember…who pray…who give.

This year, so many of you helped the dust that surrounds our Hannah’s birthday become more like beautiful sparkles. 

Arkansas Children’s Hospital received hundreds of items kindly donated by elementary students (thanks to Harp, Hunt, and Tyson Elementary schools). A cash donation in the amount of $500 was also possible because so many of you purchased a H4H t-shirt (over 130!), shopped at the Freckles and Sunshine mobile boutique, or just simply gave.

We are so humbled and appreciative that so many would help us remember Hannah Grace and honor her life and legacy. If you weren’t able to participate in the opportunities mentioned above, there’s still another chance. The blood drive originally scheduled in February had to be postponed due to winter weather; it was rescheduled for Friday, April 17th from 2-7 at the Lowell Senior Center. This is a wonderful way to honor Hannah since she received many transfusions during her stay at ACH. This is a gift that truly saves lives- and it costs you nothing but a little time. You can visit redcross.org and click on “donate blood”. You will see a box on the giving blood page where you can “find a blood drive”- type in code LCH, and you can make an appointment for Hannah’s blood drive. Of course, you can always just show up too!

Thank you for making a difference in someone’s life- whether it’s through Hearts 4 Hannah or another avenue. What you do matters.

{If you have a cause or opportunity we should all know about it that could help us with ideas on how to minister to our community or beyond, please leave a comment.}

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