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Mess (5 Minute Friday)


broken heartThis day, like so many others, is full of messiness. I noticed it as soon as I finally talked myself into beginning the journey from the bed to the shower. A project I started a week ago- the bi-annual switching to the next season’s clothes- still not completed as evidenced by the big, plastic tubs scattered around the bedroom. I wonder how almost a week has gone by and the job is still only halfway done. As I hurriedly got ready for the day, I thought about how the bathroom just has to be cleaned this weekend. I mean, who has so much trouble just keeping a bathroom clean? I rushed out the door, thankful that my hubby had taken care of packing our sweet boy’s lunch for school. I did my best to focus on looking at personnel policies as part of a school district team while my heart still struggled with the mess that someone brought to me with a few typed words this week. I straightened the piles on my desk just so I wouldn’t have to return to a mess of paper Monday morning. Now? I look around and those darn tubs haven’t moved themselves, the bathroom isn’t clean, and my heart is still struggling.

Thank you, God, for always allowing me to feel your tight embrace even after I’ve forgotten that my worth is not found in what I can accomplish- it’s found in you. After I lose sight of what’s important- and it’s not tubs of clothes. After I can’t control my tears and you bottle them up like priceless artifacts. After you mend my aching heart once again. My mess is never any match for your love.

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2 thoughts on “Mess (5 Minute Friday)

  • Kimberly, thank you so much for sharing, sharing your mess and your joys and everything in between. it reminds me we aren’t alone in all this. love you so much.