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In Between (5 Minute Friday)

Another 5 Minute Friday…just a day late. And I’m not feeling guilty or apologizing that I didn’t do this yesterday. :)

In Between

I’m really not a fan of being in between. On the cusp. In no-man’s land. I don’t feel comfortable or in control there.

But I have learned that God will always bring me out of that uncomfortable in between-ness. I just have to rest in Him until that happens.

As I think about changes (both certain and tenuous) that lie ahead, I have to keep coming back to what I know.

I have walked through the worst change I can imagine. And many times I didn’t walk at all- God indeed carried me. (The famous Footprints poem has a lot more meaning to me now.) But I came through it. With God.

As scripture reminds us, we may walk through fire and water, but He brings us out to abundance. (Psalm 66:12)

We had some frustrating experiences with the adoption process this week; how Satan loves to use these moments to whisper lies to our hearts.

“You shouldn’t be doing this. This is not going well. Maybe you should just bail out now while you still can. Wouldn’t it be easier not to start all over? Perhaps you were mistaken about God’s will for this.”

I then remind myself that being in between really isn’t in my control at all- rather, during the waiting seasons of life, I have to cling the tightest to knowing that God wants the very best for His children. I remind myself that if God wants us to have a new baby, we will in some form or fashion. If He doesn’t, we won’t. Simple as that. It doesn’t always feel simple, but I come back to it when those lies try to invade my mind.




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