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As Mother’s Day approaches, I think of the comfort I’ve found in my mom. This comfort may not be like that of many other mothers and daughters. I find comfort in seeing survival right in front of me in human flesh.

My mom has not had an easy path to travel; sometimes I wonder if her walk, filled with sharp stones and huge boulders, helped prepare me for the sometimes almost unbearably rough trail that I have followed. Was her pain worth my solace? Never. But it is yet more proof that God can indeed take the bad and weave it into a new picture of goodness.

We are not perfect. We get on each other’s nerves and don’t always see things the same way…all while navigating our relationship living in the exact same house.

You who are mothers know how much it hurts to watch your children hurt…and our moms have had the double whammy of grieving their first grandchild while watching us hang on for dear life.

I can see in my mind’s eye mom sitting in a chair beside me at the hospital with my daughter’s legs in her lap. Just as Aaron supported Moses while he struggled to hold his arms up, Mom held those long, slim legs so I could hold the rest of my beautiful girl. Those last days, we held her often like that while listening to spirit-filled music…crying…softly singing along. I cannot think of a more terrible, beautiful picture of a mother’s comfort.



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5 thoughts on “Comfort

  • Kimberly, I’m so grateful to have found your words here. Thank you for sharing such a vulnerable post, and for writing it with so much everyday honesty & grace – it means more than you know. Thank you. Praying much comfort for you this day.

    • kimberly.crumby@att.net says:

      Thank you, Annie- prayers are always much appreciated. If nothing else, I try to be honest- sometimes too much so! :) Thanks for reading and commenting- such an encouragement.

  • Rhonda Meeks says:

    Beautiful picture of sacrificial love–by two grace-filled Moms. Hannah was doubly blessed.

  • Melodi McCarver says:

    You continue to amaze me with your strength. What a testament to the Spirit’s work within your life, Kim, to read your words and see how He is holding you.

    • kimberly.crumby@att.net says:

      Thank you, sweet Melodi. I definitely have to give all credit and glory to God- he has definitely allowed me to keep going. Miss your precious face.