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It’s that time again… Hearts 4 Hannah launch!

Dear friends…
If you have been with us on this journey for awhile, you may remember that February 15th was Hannah Grace’s birthday. She will have been EIGHT this year… I really can’t even wrap my mind around that. It makes me so sad and yet so full of joy that we can honor her short little life and memory by finding some way to give back to this world. So, without further ado, we are going to go international this year by collecting books (both new and used) for the Africa Reads program. I went to a training this summer at Harding University, and Ken Stamatis showed us a video about this program. He and a team of teachers go to Rwanda in the summers to do some teaching and put books in the hands of children who otherwise would have none. As those of you who love to read know, reading is one of the few things we can do that truly allows us to explore… experience… travel… all without leaving our little corners of the world. So, remembering Hannah’s love of books, I was inspired to take this on as our project. (If you are a new follower of our story… or like me and forget easily… here’s a recap of other H4H years: 2010, random acts of kindness collected on hearts; 2011, book drive for a school in Harlem who had no library whatsoever; 2012, donation drive for the EOA Children’s House.)

Here’s a link to the Africa Reads site where you can see the criteria for books (for grades 1-6, new or gently used, English or French, no comic books or graphic novels, less than 20 years old unless they are acknowledged classics, etc).
You can send books to me (send them to Sonora Elementary, c/o Kimberly Crumby, 20200 Sonora Road, Springdale AR 72764 or to address on flyer below), get them to Sonora Elementary, Hunt Elementary, or Harp Elementary in Springdale, or we will gladly come pick up donations locally. I need to collect all books by MONDAY, FEBRUARY 11.

In addition, the 4th annual blood drive in Hannah’s memory will be held in February… on Miss Hannah’s actual birthday! It will be at Lowell City Hall on Feb. 15th from 2-7. Hannah Grace received many transfusions of blood, plasma, platelets, etc. There are many people who cannot donate for one reason or another, so if you are able, please come out and give the gift of life.

Here’s the information you need…

Lastly, we decided to make a new shirt for our Hearts 4 Hannah this year. The ever-so-talented husband of mine came up with something super cute. If you would like to order a shirt, please e-mail me at kimberly.crumby@att.net. I will have order forms for those we see often also. The shirts are $10 for youth XS up through adult XL; size 2X or 3X will be $11. If you e-mail me that you would like a shirt, I will give you our address at that time so you can mail a check. I believe you could also transfer funds to us through Paypal if you have an account. It looks like they charge around 2% to do that. We need to have a count by JANUARY 30th, so please let me know by that date if you want to order. This is another way to support our project- we will use the proceeds to buy more books. 

If you are able and willing to help us continue adding to Hannah’s legacy, we thank you in advance from the bottoms of our hearts.

As Hannah Grace loved to sing, this is one small way of letting our lights shine.


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