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Miracle Moments

In Grief Share this week, we were talking about those “miracle moments” we are sometimes blessed to experience in our lives. I thought about how much more attuned I am to things that before I would have simply dismissed before as coincidence, chance, a fluke, etc.

Last Monday, I was sitting in the tech academy course that I am taking through my school district. We were learning about good sites for word clouds (like wordle)… these are sites that take words you put in and basically make them look cool. I learned about tagxedo- a new one for me. It will use words and make them into shapes- for example, you could use words about a building and it will make them form the shape of a building. I saw where you could put in a URL for a website and it automatically takes words from the site for your project. I chose the shape of a heart and put in the address for this blog. Immediately, words from the blog in the shape of a heart popped up. My eyes immediately were drawn to three words that seemed to be larger than the rest… God, Lord, and share. I just smiled a little and silently thanked God for continuing to show me His presence even during all this pain. Here is what it looked like…

One of our sweet Grief Share leaders shared this with us Tuesday night, so I thought I would pass it along for any of you who might read this who are grieving… carrying a heavy heart because of a difficult situation… facing uncertainty… wanting to give up.

“My Child,
      Your struggle has been long. Your heartache has been heavy. You have cried and questioned and laid your heart on the altar of sorrows. I have been here with you through it all, as I will always be with you.

     But I am asking you today to make this choice: the choice to go on. For it is a choice in the end that only you can make-a choice to walk in the land of the living, to feel the sunshine and smile at the children, to be alive! A choice to believe that in spite of your loss and all it has cost you, there is much beauty and joy just outside your heart, and it’s waiting to be invited in. I have good plans for you, My child, if only you will choose to embrace them. They are plans rich with a new hope and a good future.

     There are people I love out there in that place called “the future” who need what only you can give them- your smile, your wisdom, your comfort, your personality. Will you trust Me to lead you to that good place? We will travel there together, one step at a time. I will be right beside you. Will you choose life?

Your Loving Father,

(From Letters to Heaven)

God, please help me to continue to keep choosing life- and thank you for bringing me this far.

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